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About The Seagull Hostel

The Seagull Hostel in Budapest certainly has a rather interesting name, but it does not stop there when it comes to pretty amazing things about this particular hostel. Set in a pretty nondescript building in the heart of the city, you are going to be rather pleasantly surprised at what lies inside with a comfortable bed and a pretty good atmosphere awaiting you.

The hostel only has four bedrooms and each room has a shared bathroom, but even with that we are not talking about too much upheaval or you having to share with too many people. This does mean that the Seagull hostel has a rather comfortable atmosphere about it and it is certainly quiet at night making it very easy for you to go ahead and have a great nights sleep.

It should be noted that there is no free Wi-Fi at this hostel although it is available for a low price in the main public areas. However, for some people this may be something that makes them think otherwise about staying here.

The hostel itself is very basic in what it offers although you are provided with adequate linen and blankets for the evening just in case it does happen to get cold during the night. Also, it can be quite noisy from the outside due to its location, but if you are aware that you are in the middle of a very busy and bustling city, then that does mean that it does not appear to be as bad as you initially thought.

Check in with this hostel is up to 19:00 hours and when you are checking out you need to do so before 10:00 hours or you run the risk of being charged for another day. However, this is not too different to what you will get elsewhere so it should not be a problem.

Finally, you are provided with a kitchen and there is a spare room for people to sit and socialize and indeed socializing is one thing that this hostel is becoming well known for even though it is not a party hostel unlike others in the city.

The Seagull Hostel has only been open since 2015 but even in that time it is working hard at providing you with all of the basics for your stay here and of course as it is hostel accommodation you will not generally have your sights set too high in the first place.


Last Updated: April 2020.